Welcome to my website

I’m Ruairi, a freelance web designer from Ireland, living in Thailand. On my website you can find…

My Second Brain

Obsidian is a tool for collecting and more importantly connecting knowledge. It’s like a Wikipedia website for your brain. One of my goals is to populate it with topics that I’m interested about, mainly meditation, Buddhism, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy.

My Blog

After writing notes on a topic in Obsidian, I will synthesise them into a long-form blog post, or blog post series. My main area of interest for blogging at the moment is how to become a freelancer, working with a skill you enjoy.

My Creative Works

I’m working on writing a series of poems, and have a few short story ideas bobbing around my head that will see the light of day – eventually! 

Latest Posts

Finding a Skill You Enjoy
You're going to have to find a skill that you enjoy in order to be a happy, successful freelancer. This post will explain how to find that magical but elusive skill. Having Read Part 1: The Work Equation, you should now understand how a freelancer makes money: Through gaining education and experience, they turn themselves into a value-producing system, by becoming proficient with a skill, or set of skills, to the point that they can create value for other people: business owners and consumers. These business owners and consumers need to feel or know that they are getting value for their...
The Work Equation
The Work Equation states that the only reason someone will pay you a certain sum of money for work is that they will earn back more from you than they are paying you.  The Work Equation is a very important concept, for both those who are employed and those who are self-employed. So this blog series will be an informative read for both. But it will focus on self-employment, because working for yourself as a self-employed freelancer is the area I am most qualified to write about, since it is how make my living on the lovely Planet Earth. For...