My Principles

A book that has had a significant positive impact on my life is Principles by Ray Dalio. Dalio is a billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. In Principles, he discusses the [...]

Logical Thinking

The ability to think logically, and make informed, rational decisions, is a very important skill to have in life, and improving it can directly enhance ones personal and professional life. Below [...]


I am born to a garden full of snow. A snowman stands, tall and proud. Mother and Father built him together, a bright, boastful beacon of what life has to offer. Young and full of energy, I race [...]


Aerial photos taken from a DJI Phantom 4. Jump to… Galway City | Diamond Hill | Headford | Ross Errilly Friary <h2>Achill Island</h2> <style type='text/css'> #gallery-1 { [...]

Blog Series

Blog Series Learn how to turn yourself into a self-employed, location-independent freelancer by learning a skill and using it to produce value for business owners.  Start Reading Coming Soon [...]

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