About Me

I currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with my wife Job.

👑 Name: Ruairí McNicholas (Translates as Red King in Irish)
🇮🇪Born: 11th December 1996 in Galway, Ireland.
🇹🇭Living in: Chiang Mai, Thailand.
💻Occupation: Co-founder and Web Designer at Propeller Digital

Main Interests

🧘🏼 Meditation
☸️ Buddhism
🖥 Freelance Web Design
📚 Knowledge Management
💪 Self-improvement
🎓 Teaching & education


Email: hello [at] ruairimcnicholas .com
(writing one's email this way helps to stop web bots from scraping and spamming it)

My LinkedIn Profile



  • Public speaking: Pitching business ideas for enterpeneurship competitions. Speaking to groups over Zoom.
  • Training and Teaching: Teaching business owners to manage their websites. Teaching kids and young adults how to use WordPress for web design.
  • Writing: Writing emails, sales brochure content, pitches to clients, website content
  • Organization: Developing digital systems to organise work for my own clients, and my web design agency Propeller Digital.


  • Domains and DNS management
  • Web hosting and migrations
  • Email setup and management
  • Basic and Advanced Windows and MacOS usage
  • HTML and CSS: Intermediate level of regular use in web design
  • JavaScript: Basic level of use in front-end web design
  • Hardware: Basic understanding of computer hardware - build own Win desktop computer


  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro: Intermediate level of regular use for web design.
  • Adobe Illustrator, After Effects: Basic level of occasional use for web design.
  • Graphic design for print: Experience with design and print for business cards, brochures, flyers, and magazines.
  • Graphic design for Regularly made graphics for the web during my 5 years as a web designer
  • UX and UI design: Regularly designed websites with a view to having a great user experience and User Interface
  • Video shooting and editing: Basic recording skills with camera and drone, as well as video editing in Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. See my drone video The Cliffs of Achill.

Web Design

  • WordPress: 30+ websites built using Elementor for businesses all around the world. 5 years of experience.
  • Webflow: I stopped using WordPress in favour of Webflow in 2022 and build all of my personal websites and websites for clients using it.


🥁Music: Singing and drumming
🧗🏻‍♂️Rock climbing and bouldering


🖍Fav colour: Red
🌕Fav band: Pink Floyd
🥗Fav food: Anything except cucumbers and wasabi